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women sitting at Heliopolis Athletic Field as they watch a soccer match between the Medical & Artillery Units of the Egyptian Army which the King attended.Um Kathloum singing in the Egyptian radio in August 1956UAR Stamptumblr_m2fw27UDb61ro2ajco1_1280tumblr_m9iundyKYg1ro2ajco1_1280Um Kathloum singing in the Egyptian radio in August 1956
The street barberThe oldest irrigation systemThe first girl students in Cairo universityThe exterior of the Egyptian Embassy in D.C in 1943Tahia CariocaPolitican Akram Hourani praying with President Nasser in a Mosque at Mosque in May 1958
Samia Gamal and her American husband Pat KingSamia dancing in Europe Gala 1950 attended by King FaroukSamia dancing in European gala 1950Ramleh Station in 70sPeople touring the Egyptian Embassy in Washington D.Cold-vintage-photos-of-egypt-1870-1875-1
Nasser and Fidel in the UNMrs Krushchev with Mrs Nasser 1960sMrs.Khrushchev in Cairo with Mrs. Nasser in 1960sLuna park in Misr El-GadidaKrushcheve reception in CairoKasr El-Nil Bridge

Vintage Egypt , a set on Flickr.